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Apr 9th 2010, 12:55:19

Your host is trying to (re)connect too fast -- throttled

Is the error message .. #support says there are too many users??

traffic has to slow way down. I think it prolly has something to do with the new irc link for the forums users??

I don't know but the guy said it likely isn't just a few players that won't be able to connect to their #channels....

This sounds like it may be right down DM's alley?

If it can be fixed ASAP would be a real cool thang.



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M m i x X


Apr 9th 2010, 15:32:39

An IRC server can only accept so many connections at a time from one host, or IP address. This is a security measure against the various forms of clone bots and flood bot abuse of IRC, and is known as "throttling".

A network will want to minimize the number of ways people can harass others on it. A common loophole were to take advantage of net-splits to gain ops in channels and cause nick-collisions has been largely elimated with the use of services and ircD security improvements.

Server throttling is a security measure to control flooding, the most common way to cause a DOS (Denial Of Service) or just causing annoyance. Flooding is to send a lot of unwanted data to something, so that their connection is lost, their channel window is filled with garbage or they are otherwise harassed.

Connections from clone botters that use several different servers are also spotted by modern IRC servers.

Problems with getting throttled accidentally may be caused by the fact that your client retries to connect too fast, Set up your irc client to wait a period of 20 seconds before reconnecting.

If you're using mIRC 5.91+, you're in luck. As of version 5.91, mIRC now waits 30 seconds before a re-connect attempt if the server says that you were throttled for connecting too fast.

mIRC now looks for the word "throttled" in the ERROR Closing Link server message.
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QM Diver


Apr 9th 2010, 20:55:36

Thanks MmixX.. So, was the fix in any of what you said? :P
Cuz I know less now than I did, which wasn't a whole bunch in the first place.....

We use what ever is built in to our alliance command section.. It has worked fine until yesterday..

I mentioned the guy I talked to.. was from #support...

I guess we use the '' port..
And don't use the Mirc at all...

All I know is someone around here can un-fluff it!

Bows to de web master types...
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Game Development

Apr 10th 2010, 18:28:11

we aren't on gamesuge though heh
Finally did the signature thing.

QM Diver


Apr 11th 2010, 17:54:30

IRC server (100 characters):

I'm sorry, I thought, in this box naming the irc server, the optiion was made for us.
#support guy did say that it should use this port: ''

Not stupid, just ignorant...
^^ my new catchphrase

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