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Jul 8th 2022, 19:17:28

This is a hot topic on express at this time and maybe we can persuade the developers to do something simpler instead of the current solutions that actually do involve more hands on by the staff, maybe if we make it less enticing for the baiters we can persuade them from doing so, how about .....

More powerful FS? Make spies, AB, GS, BR and missiles do a hell of a lot more damage? Once the aggressor breaks GDI then the defending country can leash out a savage response.... Just a thought on a solution that doesn't involve more moving parts....

Again, only in SOLO servers.
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Oct 13th 2022, 22:51:25

I think this is a good idea for express and primary. Could do like 20-50% higher effect, or better yet a removal of the NW modifyier so you always get full effect, of special attacks if one party is GDI in special-GDI. That would be the easiest thing to do. Since in the end both will have broken GDI, so it can't be tied to who broke GDI, but the first strike will be more devastating if special attacks recieve more power, and that will benefit the one who is being forced into war.

If you make spies or missiles more powerful it benefits the instigator tho, since they control who they are fighting and therefore who has the more powerful spy network and more missiles. This would have the opposite effect of what you are wishing for.

Without changes to GDI on tournament changes like this shouldn't be considered there. But they do make sense where there is special GDI.