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Details of the 750th round of Express

Multiple Countries

Multiple countries are not allowed.


Clans are not allowed.

Turn Rate

Turns are given every 4 minutes.

Maximum Turns

Countries can hold a maximum of 360 (360) turns.

Extra Start Turns

Initial countries are awarded 180 extra turns at the start.

Time to Market

The minimum time for market goods to arrive on the market is 0.25 hours. The maximum time is 0.75 hours.

Time on Market

Unsold goods stay on the market for a user-specified amount of time between 2 and 30 hours.

Max Amount on Market

Up to 45% of military and technology can be on the public market at one time.

Public Market Tech Floor

Technology priced at or below $1000 is automatically purchased on the public market.

Private Market Bushel Sell Price

The base private market sell price for bushels is $32.

Private Market Oil Prices

Oil has a base purchase price of $400 and base sell price of $60 on the private market.

Planned Strikes

A planned strike brigade is unavailable for 4 hours after launching.

Spyops per Day

A country can carry out a maximum of 120 spy operations per day.


Humanitarians protest if a country attempts to attack another country which is 12 times bigger or smaller than it.


The cost of GDI membership is $1 per non-cs building.

Ingame Alliances

Offensive, research, and trade alliances are not permitted.

Ingame Alliance Minimum Time

An ingame alliance must be kept for at least 24 hours.

Diminishing Returns

This server has nonstandard settings for diminishing returns of attacks. DR half-life is 8 hours and country-to-country DR is 72 hours.

Bonus Point Options

This server has nonstandard options for spending bonus points.

Major Change Set

The Major Change Set number of this server is 22.

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